Though I am an author, I hope I shall not be known.
You may call me Seiji Komatsu, though that is not my real name.
I like to wander in silence, usually alone, listening for truths beyond words. Truths wordless that inspire my pen, like the silent earth brought forth the song of rain and wind, that may move our hearts to meaningful places ― places of silence where things are seen clearly.

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The Hidden Passage

Based on past-life impressions, the author uses haiku to paint a picture of the Oriental mystic and his transcendental wisdom. This book is for lovers of contemporary haiku who enjoy the poetic and mysterious language of Zen and Tao. With his 121 haiku, Komatsu offers moments of contemplation, self-reflection, meditation, and visualisations of the natural world. The book received a five-star rating on Readers' Favorite.

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