Though an aspiring author should want to be a public figure so that his work may become known, it is likely that I will never be interested in making a public appearance. Should you wish to invite me for a podcast, public interview, etc., kindly forgive me should I decline your request or not be able to respond to your inquiry.
I am not looking for praise nor seek I to debate blame. Your contentment and displeasure will have to remain within your own heart.
I greatly respect many people enter upon the path of spirituality as seekers for that there is a great sense of lostness, lack, struggle and pain within them. I can unfortunately not assert myself as your personal counsellor or tutor. Rather I encourage a more independent form of spirituality; there is a light of consciousness within us each that is naturally capable of wisdom. This light can be awoken through mindfulness and meditation. This light can only manifest through our virtues, so it is important to clean our hearts and pursue good qualities in our character and behaviour. I hope that it is this that will become your foremost source of insight rather than becoming overtly dependent on a human being.

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